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About Colgate

Colgate is an umbrella brand for purchasing oral health products. Colgate's parent company is its American-based conglomerate, Colgate-Palmolive. Colgate-Palmolive Company started as a soap selling company before extending its scope to oral hygiene products in 1873. Having a healthy, white smile is everybody's wish. It's time to consider Colgate products for your dental needs in order to make this wish a reality.

With products ranging from mouthwash to toothpaste both for adults and children, toothbrushes and whitening products, Colgate gives you the kind of smile you have always wished for at a very pocket-friendly price. For so many years, Colgate has maintained its status as the unrivaled leader in the oral health care. Some of the items Colgate has created include toothpaste for both adults and children, toothbrushes, whitening products, mouthwash in addition to helpful information about your oral health. Colgate's status as the top brand recommended by dentists and its availability across the globe makes it ideal to cater to all your dental needs.

Besides ensuring your oral hygiene, Colgate also helps you save some cash. Whether you wish to make online or in-store purchases, Colgate provides nice deals and special offers in addition to promo codes to enable you to save some money when you make a purchase. It's time to jump into the bandwagon. Consider Colgate today for all your oral care needs and discover how you will enjoy the plenty saving tips in addition to having your dream, white, healthy smile. Indeed, Colgate is here to help you look good.

Colgate's Free Shipping Policy

So where can you buy Colgate products? Well, Colgate products are available at various retail stores across the globe including Dollar General, Walmart, Target just to mention but a few. It is worth noting that there may be a slight variation in the prices of these products from each of the stores. So, the shipping policy will be based on the retail store you choose to purchase from. For instance, Dollar General provides free shipping on orders above $40 and you need to use the code FREESHIP. Walmart, on the other hand, gives a free 2-day shipping on orders above $35.

Colgate's Return Policy

As it is the case with the shipping policy, returns on Colgate products can be made through the store you made the purchase from. Dollar General gives you up to 30 days to decide if the Colgate product suits you. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can take it back within this period for a full refund minus the shipping, handling, and other charges. You must return the item in a good condition inside its original boxes (whenever possible) and with all the paperwork to ensure credit. Similarly, Walmart allows you to return the product in the original manufacturer's packaging within a period of 90 days.

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How to Use Colgate's Coupons?

Saving with Colgate is just as simple as breath. Boasting a worldwide availability, Colgate offers you a variety of ways to save some cash using the coupons provided by the specific store you purchase from. But do you know how to apply these coupons? Well, here are some of the guidelines to begin with.

1. Go to the Colgate's official website, Colgate.com.

2. Click on the item you want to purchase and Colgate directs you to a page showing the stores with your chosen product in stock.

3. Now you will choose your preferred store of choice depending on the factors you consider and go ahead to follow their guidelines for applying coupons. Some of the popular stores you can find include Dollar General, Target, Walmart and many others.

4. You can find how to use Colgate coupons when purchasing through Dollar General shown above.

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How to Save from Colgate?

As a leading brand for your oral care needs, Colgate not only ensures your dental health but also helps you save by offering special offers and deals when you make your purchases. Here are some of the ways to save from Colgate.

1. Save $1 only on Colgate total advanced health mouthwash

2. Save $0.50 on any Colgate kids' toothpaste

3. Save $1 only on Colgate optic white radiant toothpaste

4. Save $0.75 on any Colgate enamel health toothpaste

5. Save $0.50 on any kids' manual toothbrush

6. Save $0.75 on any Colgate 360 adult manual toothbrush

7. Save $0.75 on any Colgate sensitive toothpaste.

8. Save $0.75 on any Colgate mouthwash or mouth rinse.

9. Save $0.75 on any Colgate total advanced toothpaste.

10. Save $1 on Colgate hydrous dry mouth mouthwash.

Colgate's Review

A 2015 report by Market Research regarded Colgate as the only brand that is purchased by over half of the households across the globe. Colgate's current global market penetration is approximately 50%, higher than Coca-Cola which lies second at 43.3%. Despite having many divisions, Colgate Palmolive Company recognizes Colgate as its largest source of income, accounting for up to 7.5billion which is 47% of its net sales. Below are some of the tips that confirm Colgate as a leading brand ta cater for your saving needs when making your purchases.

1. Save $0.50 on any Colgate kid's toothpaste.

2. Save $0.75 on any Colgate total advanced toothpaste.

3. Save $0.75 on any Colgate sensitive toothpaste.

4. Save $0.75 on any Colgate 360 adult manual toothbrush.

5. Save $0.25 on any Colgate enamel toothpaste.

6. Save $1 on Colgate optic white radiant toothpaste.

7. Save $1 on Colgate total advanced health toothpaste.

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