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GNC Coupons

Up to 75% OFF from GNC 15 Coupon Codes.

About GNC

GNC (General Nutrition Centers) were founded back in 1935 in the United States of America. They are based in Pennsylvania. They are mostly selling products which are related to health and nutrition and include supplements, vitamins, herbs, mineral diet, sports nutrition, and other energy products. They have more than 6,000 stores in America and are operating in 49 other countries as well.

GNC provides a very friendly shopping experience to the customers. They have many offers and issue regular coupons and promo codes as well which helps customers save money while purchasing from these stores. 

GNC Free Shipping Policy

You can get free shipping from GNC on all recurring orders. All other orders from GNC are charged a standard shipping of $4.99.

GNC Return Policy

GNC provides free 30-day return policy which is supported by a money-back guarantee. If you are looking for a full refund then ensure that purchased items are in good condition and original boxes. Shipping charges, handling, and gift wrap will be deducted from the bill and rest is refunded to the customers.

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How to Use GNC Coupon Codes?

Shopping from GNC is very easy and you can get a discount as well by using the coupons codes. Make sure that you are aware of all the offers and codes and use them while purchasing from GNC.

Follow the instructions mentioned below to use coupon codes in GNC stores.

• Add the desired supplement or vitamin to your online ‘shopping cart'. The coupon codes are redeemed during the checkout process.

• After adding the order to the shopping cart, review it and make some changes if needed.

• If you are already not having an account, click on the button of "Checkout as Guest".

• Enter all the required information and the address as well.

• Select the shipping type as well.

• Enter your coupon code on the final checkout screen click on "Apply" button.

• Your order is ready, click on the red checkout button. 

GNC Coupons

How to Save from GNC?

If you are not using coupon codes or promo codes, GNC store can be quite costly for you. The best way is to look for the offers and use them for making a purchase at the GNC stores.

The shipping rates of the GNC are very economical, no matter how big order you are placing with them, they will charge you $4.99 as the standard shipping rate.

GNC has its own membership card which can reveal awesome discounts for the customers. You can unlock savings up to 50% with the membership card of GNC. Additionally, these members also receive all the details about the offers of the company as per their previous purchase history. The membership of GNC costs $15 a year and can save more than $100 for you in a year if you are regularly making a purchase at GNC.

You can also sign up for the email list of the GNC without the membership and receive the details of the exclusive offers of the GNC. This also gives you 15% off on your first online order from GNC for sign up.

Few supplements of the GNC are sold in bundles and charged as wholesale dealers.

They also have a permanent section which contains the items for clearance sales. The website of the GNC also has a SALE button which can show you all the sale products. You can further select the category of supplement or vitamin and shop with discount. The sale section will only show the products which are in the clearance sales.

You can get 10% off from an order of more than $50, 15% off on the orders of $75+ and 20% off on the orders of $100+.

If you use the Auto-Deliver option of the GNC, then you can save 10% from them.

They have reward programs and sign-up bonus as well. They will give you $5 back on sign up on the store.

Shipping is free to all the customers which have orders of more than $49.

If you have a gift card of the GNC, then you can save up to 1% off.

You can have $10 off from the purchase of more than $50 if you are paying using the Visa card.

You can select the deal of the day from the store and get up to 70% off on it.

If you make a purchase during the summer sale, you can get up to 50% off. 

GNC Review

GNC Coupons 02

When they opened back in 1935, they were known as "Lackzoom". They expanded quickly and opened 5 more stores in 1941. In 1960 the name of the store was changed to General Nutrition Center. GNC has a very good reputation in the market and the products undergo almost 150 quality checks before they come to the store for the public. They are a worldwide retailer which provides safety and health to the customers. They are also the largest store in the country with more than 8,000 stores and are operating in more than 50 countries. The owner of the store only made $35 during the 1st day when he operated the small store. They are also donating to a research hospital; an amount of $13 million was given to St. Jude in 2006. The stores of the GNC are also giving products to third party stores like Rite Aid. They have another subsidiary named GNC LiveWell which has 41 stores in Australia.

They are working in the health sector. The stocks of the GNC have a wide range of natural remedies, vitamins, nutritional supplements, weight loss, bodybuilding, and Health and beauty products. They also sell books and magazines in the health and fitness category.

The best way to purchase from the store is the promo codes and coupon codes. Look for the best offers and occasions to shop from the GNC stores. You can throw the GNC coupons with some mix deals and get a lot from the store. These coupons can give you top notch products for your whole family. Get your promo codes from the official site of the GNC and earn awesome rewards. They have some of the best and incredible deals for the customers.

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