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Keurig Coupons

Up to 30% OFF from Keurig 14 Coupon Codes.

About Keurig

One might be tempted to presume from its name that Keurig is a European company but this would be far from the truth. The company was founded in Massachusetts by college roommates, John Sylvan and Peter Dragone in 1998.

Keurig specializes in making beverage brewing systems which include the beverage maker, coffee containers, beverage pods, and other beverage making equipment. In 2018, the parent company of Keurig merged with Dr. Pepper Snapple Group to become Keurig Dr. Pepper. This move, which was worth over $18 billion also changed the status of the company to a publicly traded company.

Keurig Free Shipping Policy

Keurig offers free shipping to its customers for standard shipping on purchases above $39. You might also find free shipping deals on individual product. The company delivers goods within a week of order. Contact the support line if goods arrive later than a week.

Keurig Return Policy

The brand has a specific return policy for three different categories of goods which are: brewer, accessories, and beverages. While you can return accessories and brewer within 30 days of initial purchase, they do not accept returns for beverages. You can, however, buy a promotional pack of a beverage to try it out before splashing the cash. Also, in returning brewers, you must have the product serial no before you call the company to make the change.

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How To Use Keurig Coupons ?

Get 50% off your next order on Keurig with several coupon codes freely available for your use. These codes are offered by the company through websites, retail outlets and from other coupon websites. To use these codes follow the following steps:

1. Log in to the website to shop for your favorite brewer beverage or accessory.

2. Click on "add to cart" when you find an item of your choice (repeat the process when for multiple orders).

3. Click on checkout to reveal the payment page.

4. Enter your code in the space provided for coupon codes.

5. Click on apply to view the reduced rate.

6.  Enter your payment details and shipping information to complete the transaction.

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How To Save On Keurig?

Here are some of the exciting ways to spend less when you shop at Keurig:

Sign Up For Auto Delivery

This service is available for beverages like coffee and tea. To encourage their customer to re-order products the company gives you a discount when you reorder products. You would get 20% off your first order after signing up and 15% on subsequent reorders in perpetuity.

Don't Pay At Once

Most people never buy coffee makers due to the cost of purchasing such equipment at once. Hence, it would be better to split the payment over a period of time. Keurig helps you do this with its coffee machines as you can pay for them over an extended period of up to 36 months. To use this offer contact the company customer care line.

Use Online Warranty Activation

Aside from the fact that this makes the shopping experience a little less stressful, you would get 2 coffee boxes when you purchase 2 boxes. For more details contact the customer care helpline.

Register Your Coffee Maker

Registering your brewer helps the company keep track of your machine and the manner it is being used. Hence, to ensure that you do so, you get a 50% discount on your next beverage order. This deal is applicable to all forms of coffee makers produced by the company for home or office use.

Join the Mailing List

The Keurig mailing list is the gateway to amazing future savings. Aside from the fact that you get regular updates about new products (from beverages to appliance), you'll also be notified when the company offers any discount to its customer at large.

These promotion information ranges from two for one deal on several beverages, discount sales on coffee makers and so much more. To get on this list simply visit the company website for more information.

Follow on Social Media

If you do not want to get unsolicited messages in your inbox or you're simply not sold on the mailing list idea then social media might be the way to go. The company regularly post new product information for beverages on its social media platforms.

Also, there are limited time only promotions specifically for its social media users. For more benefits, simply follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google plus.   

Keurig Review

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Keurig came into the beverage industry when the industry was screaming for a new innovative way to make coffee. Its Dutch name means "neat" and this is represented in the way its product is designed. The company immediately became a favorite with its coffee makers and pods.

First, the company made coffee and pods strictly for office use but in 2004 it saw merit in producing a coffee maker for the American home. Though its patent on its first product has since expired, the company have been consistent in creating innovative products and beverage option for its customers.

Its machines are not only functional, they are also adaptive. Since the company market itself as a beverage company, one might be tempted to think that its machines are only used for beverages. This would be far from the truth as its machines can also be used for making cider and soups.

For beverages, Keurig offers probably the widest range of options. For coffee, brands from several parts of the world including African and South American flavors are featured in its collection. The brand also several types of tea including tea with health benefits and others simply for your consumption.

To get more as a Keurig customer, sign up for the membership service on its website. Doing so guarantees the following value-adding benefits.

1. Your delivery would become automated.

2. It becomes easy to reorder.

3. You get product recommendations.

4. You become eligible to earn and cash in rewards.

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